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Estes Park's

Premier Physical Therapy Providers

Feel Better, Sooner.

At Alpenstrong Physical Therapy, your treatment plan is personalized and evidence-based. Our experts strive for better results with fewer visits. Read more about our model here.

what we treat

Alpenstrong Physical Therapy specializes in treating the active population of our mountain community. We are passionate about preventing injury, improving performance, and helping you recover quickly to get back to what you love.


Orthopedic Injuries

Joint and muscle pain affects all of us. From frustrating neck or low back pain to recovery after an ACL reconstruction, we're here to help.


Post-Operative Rehab

Our providers are experts at helping you rehab following joint-replacement, arthroscopic surgery, and other complex surgeries.


Pelvic Health

 We evaluate, educate, and treat women who are facing pelvic dysfunction throughout all stages of life with the ultimate goal of improving their quality of life.



Headaches can arise for many reasons. We'll help you figure out what's causing yours and how to prevent them.

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Dizziness and Balance

The human body relies on a complex interaction of systems to maintain balance. Our experts are trained to diagnose and fix problems to keep you moving with confidence.


...And More

The providers at Alpenstrong are Doctors of Physical Therapy, skilled in diagnosis and treatment of the human body. If we're unable to give you the help you need, we'll make sure you are connected with someone who can.


Alpenstrong was founded in 2020 to serve the town of Estes Park by offering a higher-quality physical therapy experience. 

We believe that every patient who enters our clinic should be viewed as a complete person; not a knee, spine, shoulder, etc. This way of thinking guides us during each session to make sure you leave feeling like you got exactly what you needed on any given day.

We are committed to being "lifelong learners" and strive to implement innovative treatment techniques to get you moving and feeling stronger, sooner. We are trained in advanced manual therapy techniques, including spinal manipulation, functional dry needling, and more. 

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