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Gait and Movement Analysis

Looking to improve your balance, golf swing, sports performance, running efficiency, or any other motion you can think of? We can help!


At Alpenstrong Physical Therapy, we use slow motion video analysis to evaluate movement and identify patterns of dysfunction that may be contributing to pain or affecting your performance. Our observations and objective data allow us to make the most informed decision for a patient and their movement patterns. 


Examples of movement we can analyze:

  • Running gait

  • Walking gait

  • Lifting/bending mechanics

  • Sport Specific movements (golf swing, dance moves, soccer kicks, baseball throws)

  • Functional movements (going up/downstairs, sit to stands)

  • Therapeutic exercises 

  • Rock climbing skills

Running gait analysis
Scapular dyskinesia analysis
Gait analysis - knee flexion normal
Gait analysis - knee flexion abnormal
What we see in the patient above: Decreased left knee extension at initial contact in a patient with tibiofemoral osteoarthritis and knee pain with hiking
SL squat - Excessive Pronation
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