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Our Model

Relationships are at the heart of Alpenstrong.

We believe that the patient/provider relationship is critical to healing. That means that the physical therapist you meet during your initial evaluation is the same physical therapist that you'll see for every follow-up session. 

Initial Evaluations and Treatment sessions at Alpenstrong are 60-minutes. Our goal is to address your specific needs on any given day, empower you with tools for healing, and make sure you leave feeling better than you arrived.

How we treat:

The providers at Alpenstrong are doctors of physical therapy. We utilize hands-on techniques such as functional dry-needling, spinal manipulation, joint mobilization, myofascial release, and more. 

Our goal is to get you moving and feeling better to achieve your goals. Exercise is a major component of your treatment at Alpenstrong. We will perform a thorough analysis of your movement and give suggestions to help you move better and more efficiently. We'll make sure you leave knowing how to continue making progress after every session.

Do I need a referral?

In the state of Colorado, PT is considered a "Direct Access" service, meaning that you do not need a referral from your doctor for treatment. The providers at Alpenstrong are Doctors of Physical Therapy, and are skilled in examination and assessment of the human body. 

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept direct payment for services at the end of each session. For patients with out-of-network benefits, we will create a superbill and can help you submit this document to your insurance for reimbursement. 

We are out-of-network providers because we believe this model allows us to offer the highest-level of care. With declining reimbursement from most insurance companies, physical therapist are often forced to see patients 3 times a week or for only 20 minute sessions to make ends-meet. They are also often limited to only a few sessions before benefits run out (example: 6 sessions approved after a total knee replacement). Our model eliminates surprises by making sure patients and providers both know exactly how much treatment will cost so that better care can be delivered.

Other clinics often squeeze in 2-3 patients per hour, and spend large amounts of time using outdated modalities like hot-packs and ultrasound. At Alpenstrong, our treatments are evidence-based and meant to help you achieve the best results, as soon as possible. We want to spend your entire session one-on-one, answering your questions and helping you feel better.

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